“Travel Diaries is the visual perpetuation of my journey memories. Documenting was never my intention. When it was beautiful, to my eyes, I photographed.

The selected memories are meant to be kept. And, amongst loosen and colorful images, shown in no chronological way, I present the black and white series on the road - a document of the roads.

Through these photographies I intend to show the introspection moments made possible through the objects present on the road, as well as the lasting freedom feeling I was left with.

I left, three years ago, to learn. Only that I didn’t know what about. Today, looking back, I recognize the enriching power of what I experienced, made possible by the ones who I crossed with in my path. The world is such a small place. But it’s so immense and complex the world of possibilities inside him. For the unpredictable reunion of circumstances, the journey was, is and will forever be, ennobling to the soul.

The two editions of Travel Diaries are different not only in its organisation but also in its perspective. Enquanto cresce uma Nogueira (While a Walnut Tree is born) intends to show the evolution of my way of feeling and meditating. Here I emphasize my experiences and I begin a creative exercise of retrospective exhibition. One tree, several roots, ramifications and perspectives.

A thousand shapes. Many histories.”

Afonso Sereno 2019

Freelance Project
Design: Pedro Lobo
Photography: Afonso Sereno

Portugal (PT)